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What we do

We offer tools that you can implement to become a healthier and happier person. We meet twice a week in our live trainings for movement and breathing sessions. 


What is the online Live training?

Below you see some of the core elements of our Live Online Training. We meet 2 times a week.

Natural Movement

Here we focus on the body to teach you natural movement to become and remain fit. For any age and every level. This is based on the MovNat training system. To provide you with the right stimuli that your body has evolved for throughout evolution. 



We discover together the power of your breath with ancient and modern techniques to improve your health and performance. We combine both activating and relaxing styles of breathing. The combination of breathing methods and natural movement is a great tool to get the most out of the hour of training.   

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MOVE naturally and Breathe right. 

We offer 1 online retreat a month, but we also have weekly online movement training and a few times a year we offer actual physical retreats.

2 x Week

Online Training

19:00 – 20:00



Tuesday and Thursday

       Every week



A glimpse into what we do

Have a quick look into the different elements that you will be able to enjoy with us! We are happy to welcome you soon into our community!

Our weekly online Live training

As mentioned above we offer weekly live training (currently donation-based). Where we do natural movement and breathing sessions that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 19:00-20:00, CET.

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Your Trainers

Our team consists of trainers with unique backgrounds and expertise. We share our pation of the combination of different practices and the natural and holistic approach to health. 

Marbod Kindermann: NeuroMeditation Instructor, MovNat Certified Trainer L2

I discovered a keen interest in natural lifestyle elements in 2010 with the continued quest to understand what it really means to be healthy for our body, our mind, and our spirit. I discovered the power of meditation and dug deeper into the brain science behind it, now helping others as a NeuroMeditation Instructor to find a meditation practice that fits their needs


Andres Santamaria: Wim Hof Instructor and MovNat Certified Trainer L2

I first entered the realm of breathing practices training to become a Wim Hof instructor, together with my movement training, learning MovNat, and working Online with Jon Yuen and Ido Portal’s team I have been able to mix both disciplines to heal my body from 10 years of a corporate lifestyle.  I keep on learning and deepening my knowledge so I can help others on their journeys.

Bernd Reicheneder: MovNat Master Trainer L3. Primal Health Coach, Oxygen Advantage Trainer.

I  studied sports, then archaeology. Finally, I found Natural Movement, or the method behind it: MovNat.This got my heart and my soul, everything I’ve done in my life converged and made sense. I feel very lucky I was found by MovNat.


Check out our frequently asked questions about our online training.

1. What if I can’t keep up during the training session?

This can happen, especially in the beginning, when you start out with the movement practice. When we go through movement progressions and you find yourself lost, then don’t take the correct movement too earnest, a different movement from one position in another can do no harm. Do not panic, but rather see the training as an hour of play and mindfulness to explore the capabilities of your body. After the training session, you can always ask questions, check out videos online, or join our retreats for more in-depth information on these topics.


2. What if I don’t have the equipment?

If you do not have the equipment, it is not a problem at all. The equipment is usually there to add complexity to the movement or to aid as a support to the technique. You can always improvise and work with the equipment that you have.

If you do not have anything that comes close to what is recommended you can just pretend as if you had that object and focus on the correct application of the technique. This will be more than sufficient to have a great training session

3. What if I do not have the space for the online training session?

This is a problem many of us experience. We need to work with the space we have. Make sure your space is free of any dangerous objects that could harm yourself. We recommend you use the biggest room you have available.

For most people it helps to have a carpet or yoga mat if you start out. But in general, you can do everything on the floor in your room.

When you do not have enough space, you can usually just shift a bit back and do the rest of the movement, keeping the range of the movement shorter or stop the technique there and rearrange into the next position to follow along again.

Working with the space we have is part of the MovNat philosophy, if you are limited through the space, do not get upset, but rather see it as a challenge to find ways to work in that confined space.

4. What if I do not want to be on camera during the online training?

We respect your privacy, it is not required to have your camera on before, during or after the training. You can do that as you please.

Sometimes the trainers can look at your movements and correct them, so for that it would be useful to leave your camera on.

We do ask you to turn your microphone off, during the training, to avoid distracting the other participants.

5. What is Oxygen Advantage Method?

This is a breathing method, which evolved out of from the Buteyko method and was developed by Patrick McKeown. The breathing method can be used to develop better breathing and to increase performance.

6. I am injured, can I still do the training?

Here we need to urge you to be careful. MovNat is general experienced as low impact movement to recover from exercise, at least the fundamental movement that you will experience for example in the NDS. But here you need to listen to your own body and start slow and very mindful.

We generally believe that movement can be healing and that injuries do not have to be the reason for long-term inactivity which often causes other deficiencies. But this is very individual, and we cannot make a general statement on that matter. 

7. How fit do I need to be?

That is the great part about MovNat. You can start at any level. The system is made to determine where you need to improve and to break these movements down as much as is needed for you to succeed and build your movement capability slowly and from the ground up. “You do not need to be fit to move; you need to move to be fit.”

But the training is also great for people that are very fit, as most of us have some deficiency in our movement that we should work on.

8. I have never done MovNat before. Can I still participate?

Yes, we invite you to participate in our online training. It might be helpful to gather some information first to understand the philosophy behind MovNat and our online training. We welcome everybody, no matter which level of fitness or age.

9. Until what age can I still follow the training?

As we said before, you can do our training at any age. No matter which age, you always need to be mindful with each movement, to explore your boundaries by being mindful to the signals. This will prevent you from injuries and lead to a healthier life. We would argue that most people above 18 in today’s society should practice natural movement.