Autumn Adventure 3 Days Berlin

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Boost your Immune System and get ready for Winter with the Power of MovNat, Breathing Practices & Neurofeedback Meditation!

When? 30.10 – 01.11.2020 (no time for 3 days? check our Wim Hof Activity 1-day option here)


MovNat München goes to Berlin to bring you „cutting edge“ ancestral practices with the power to transform your lifestyle.

One hour away from Berlin right next to the beautiful „Bötzsee“ lake, awaits you our 3 days “Autumn Adventure” Event. 

Our unique combination of MovNat, Breathing Practices & Neurofeedback Meditation, will strengthen your body and your mind as well as your immune system. Learn how to implement all these tools and you will have a proven strategy to experience winter under a different light.

Spitzmühle is a perfect location located right next to a lake and in the middle of a forest. The facilities allow for indoor and outdoor experiences as well as exposure to the elements.

For you to experience:

  • 🌱  Refine your movement skills by complementing them with MovNat
  • 🔥  Experience the healing power of Fire & Ice
  • 🤸🏾‍♂️  Discover your movement potential with indoors and outdoors MovNat sessions
  • 🧠  See how your brain reacts to meditation and learn the tools to train it
  • 👹  Face your fears and learn how to control your mind under extreme conditions
  • 🚹  🚺  Enriching evenings with like-minded people

A perfect opportunity to relax and deeply connect with nature



Our program will consist of our unique combination of the natural movement system MovNat, Breathing Practices, and NeuroMediation. A powerful combination that covers fundamental aspects of a Healthy Lifestyle.


We will be staying at the beautiful and unique Sptizmühle, it’s an unconventional event hotel directly at the Bötzsee in the middle of the forest, approximately an hour away from Berlin.

It has seminar rooms a sauna, jacuzzi and much more!



MovNat will let you explore your body’s innate capability of moving and adapting in and to the environment. We take you back to nature and show you how you need to move to adapt to the natural landscape. We will deepen your knowledge of the different skills: crawling, balancing, walking, running, hanging, and all other abilities we as humans have access to. Check the video for more insights:



The WimHof Method will show you that your body is an amazingly strong and resilient masterpiece of nature. We all carry innate strength in us that we can’t see and explore in today’s lifestyle. We want to show you how capable you are to withstand physical & emotional stress by expanding your comfort zone and give you tools to become the version of yourself you want to be. This information is provided as a guide about the framework of the fundamentals workshop planned as part of the retreat. The video gives you an idea of what to expect:



We know that meditation has a deep impact on the mind and the body. Now imagine using neuroscience to enhance and expand those benefits!
With NeuroMeditation®️, you can re-wire your brain to overcome obstacles, address mental health needs, and achieve your goals. The NeuroMeditation®️ process creates an individualized approach to enhance your relationships, work performance, and quality of life.
We will cover the basic principles of how your brain works and discuss how different meditation styles affect different brain regions. We will have guided meditations to teach you the individual styles.


We will train and decompose the techniques in a controlled environment so that we can then test them in nature. The goal is for you to experience what is needed to move in raw nature. To teach you this, we do adventure days where we go around into nature and do exactly that, we apply what we have learned.


Three times a day every day, you will get pampered by our own Chef. We will offer you nutritious food allowing your body & mind to detox. We will be offering a vegetarian diet, we can accommodate your wishes to ensure you will have the fuel needed to rip the benefits the week will bring.


Rejuvenate by meeting like-minded people, exchange ideas & make friendships for life.

You will have the time and space for reflection and interiorizing the experiences.


We assume you already lead an active lifestyle and are in decent shape. We recommend joining us for a preparation phase starting 4 weeks before the date of the retreat. We will have specific live sessions for your retreat and you will get access to our online courses. Being able to get to know our methods beforehand will allow you to optimize your learning curve and enjoy the experience that much more!



Check our FAQs or send us a message.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Day 1


Arrival is around 15:00. We will start with a short introduction and then go straight into our first MovNat session to start moving. The WimHof Breathing Method will afterward get us ready for doing our first quality “cold exposure” of the event. There will, of course, be a fire, sauna and a jacuzzi available for everyone after!  

For the evening, we have a delicious vegetarian meal planned followed by relaxed mingling and a night of earned sleep.


Day 2


Our second day starts with breathing practice followed by a MovNat session and a healthy and nutritious breakfast. 

The first cold exposure session of the day will be held after breakfast followed by a short but substantial theory module right up until lunch.  

The afternoon program for Day 2 starts again with a MovNat session and finishes with cold exposure training in the lake!!! The Sauna, fire, and jacuzzi will again be waiting for you after! 

We will end the day with a nourishing dinner and a “get together” until it is time to rest up for the day.  


Day 3


As always, we start the day by breathing and meditating. We will grab a quick bite before heading out to hike and explore the beautiful surrounding for the rest of the day. We will use this opportunity to apply what we have learned over the first two days and put it into practice in nature. After this little expedition, we will head back to the hotel and finish the event with a healthy lunch and a common farewell. 


Sptizmühle it’s an unconventional event hotel directly at the Bötzsee in the middle of the forest, approximately an hour away from Berlin.

It has seminar rooms a sauna, jacuzzi and much more

Address: Spitzmühle, 15344 Strausberg

– MovNat (all levels) skills and training

– Wim Hof Method

– Accommodation (2 nights)

– 3 healthy meals a day prepared by our local chef

– I’ve never done something like this, can I still do it?

Yes, our approach is to meet you at whatever level you find yourself. Our bodies have ancestral mechanisms to deal with the cold and your body is not an exception!

– Is there an option for warming up afterward?

Yes, the restaurant is very nearby and we will provide fire and hot drinks are available

– What happens if I can’t get past my fears?

No need to worry, we will never push you to do anything. That said… the workshop opens a great possibility to face those fears with whatever small steps you need.

– Can I get a heart attack from the cold?

All the cold exposure is done gradually and your body has mechanisms to deal with the cold.

– Are there any after-effects?

The cold exposure is to short for it to really have a long-lasting effect like frostbite.

– What language is the course on?

All our trainers can speak both German and English, depending on the participant’s language it will be done either in English or German.

– I have a food allergy/ don’t eat meat. Can you provide special food for me?

Yes, please let us know after your booing and we can arrange vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, lactose free, etc…

Meet the Trainers


Bernd Reicheneder

MovNat Team Instructor/ Master Trainer



Daniel Rupert

Wim Hof Method Certified Trainer

Wudang Gong Fu

Tai Chi

Qi Gong


Andres Santamaria

Wim Hof Method certified trainer

MovNat certified trainer L2




Marbod Kindermann

MovNat Certified Trainer L2

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