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An Amazing retreat just for you!


Tugged away in the beautiful Zillertal of the Black Forest in Austria, we are holding our first 4 & 8-day retreat of the year. It is the perfect opportunity and location for anyone who is in need of disconnecting from the daily routine and stress. 

Join us and learn to live stress-free and create healthy habits that last! We will help you by getting you started and giving you the tools.


  • Experience the power of the breath with mind-blowing breathing sessions
  • Unleashed your inherent movement potential with Movnat 
  • Learn of the healing power of Fire & Ice  (Sauna and Ice-baths)
  • Natural Running technique (run injury free)
  • Discover your true inner power
  • Create healthy lasting habits
  • Disconnect. Reflect. Refresh. Grow.


6th – 13th of June, 2020


Chalets & Apartments Wachterhof, Äußere Embergstraße 30, A-6272 Kaltenbach


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Our program will consist of our unique combination of the natural movement system MovNat, the Wim Hof Method and Natural Running. A powerful combination that covers fundamental aspects of a Healthy Lifestyle.


In the Mountains, in the black forest area of Austria. A place called Kaltenbach.  Majestic mountains, green grass & absolute tranquility let the mind, body, and soul regenerate and recharge.

For more info. see the tab „Location“



MovNat will let you explore your body’s innate capability of moving and adapting in and to the environment. We take you back to the journey that we as humans go through, from the moment we are born until the moment we can walk upright. From there, we rediscover crawling, balancing, walking, running, hanging, and all other abilities we as humans have access to. Check the video for more insights:



The WimHof Method will show you that your body is an amazingly strong and resilient masterpiece of nature. We all carry innate strength in us that we can’t see and explore in today’s lifestyle. We want to show you how capable you are to withstand physical & emotional stress by expanding your comfort zone and give you tools to become the version of yourself you want to be. The video gives you an idea of what to expect:



Natural running refers to a running technique that is based on our natural biomechanics. It is also known as barefoot running because it involves the mechanics of a barefoot foot while running. Allowing the feet to move freely as it was meant to be. The difference in shock absorption means the body has to readjust in order to handle the loads it is placed under, yielding a different technique that is more energy-efficient and less damaging to the body.


We teach you the techniques in a controlled environment so that you gain confidence about the way you move. The goal is for you to be able to adapt your training to the environment where you live. To teach you this, we do adventure days where we go around into nature and do exactly that, we apply what we have learned. You will soon realize that there is movement potential all around us.


Three times a day every day, you will get pampered by us and our own chef. We will offer you nutritious homemade food allowing your body & mind to detox. Whether you like a vegetarian diet or are into something else, we can accommodate your wishes to ensure you will have the fuel needed to rip the benefits the week will bring.


Rejuvenate by meeting like-minded people, exchange ideas & make friendships for life.

You will have the time and space for reflection and to recharge in order to bring your newly created habits and learned tools back into your daily life.


You have two different options for joining us:

The 4-day retreat is for you if you want to disconnect and refresh. You will learn and deepen your understanding of the WimHof Method and MovNat. The amazing nature surrounding the retreat location and our nourishing meals will leave you relaxed and renewed. Enjoy mingling with wonderful like-minded people

The 8-day retreat is for you if you have plans to create long-lasting healthy habits and would like to meet people that support and help you with the tools to achieve your goal. You will get an in-depth understanding of the MovNat fitness system and the WimHof Method and be able to integrate them into your life. Your body and mind will detox with a full week of clean eating, fresh air, amazing nature and loads of breathing.

If you would like add more flexibility to dates you’ll be joining us, just reach out so we can help out.


Check our FAQs or send us a message.

We look forward to hearing from you!


What the days will look like


Our days will always start with “breathing & meditation” followed by a MovNat session. Your well-deserved breakfast awaits you right after we finish the training. 

The morning then finishes with a small relaxation phase after breakfast, leading into the afternoon of MovNat training, lectures on different topics such as breathing mechanics and training theories. For lunch we will nourish you with a delicious vegetarian meal covering all nutrition needs your body has. 

Towards the end of the afternoon we will hold our “Fire & Ice” session where you can enjoy stretching your comfort zone by dipping into our ice baths. Whirlpools and a sauna are readily available for you to hop into after these cold exposure sessions. A wonderful nutritious dinner and relaxed mingling will complete these perfect days. Then it is time for a well-deserved & soothing night sleep!


 Adventure Days

On 2/3 of the 8 days will head out on little adventure days where we go explore and expand our skills we have learned on the training days and apply them in nature. Zillertal gives an amazing opportunity to relax and move in nature. Breathe in the wild & fresh air and shake off the stress of everyday life,


We will add a more exact schedule for each day close to the event, stay tuned and keep checking our webpage. 


P.S. If you need help with deciding if you want to join us, let us know. We are happy to help with any questions and concerns you have. 

The Chalets Wachtelhof is located in the beautiful Zillertal of Austria. It has private whirlpools from where you can enjoy the view of the mountain surrounding the valley.

Admire the amazing nature also from the sauna through the window. A variety of different rooms are available as well as sun-terraces for you to relax on after meals.

“From the motorway exit Zillertal take the B169 to Ried. In Ried at the traffic light (at the station) turn right and then straight on this local road, through Ried. 

Keep left above Ried, drive over the Riedbach bridge and continue straight ahead. Follow the »Zillertaler Höhenstraße« for approx. 0.5 km and turn left at the road sign „Wachterhof“, from there about 400 m!” Chalets Wachtelhof


What’s included:

* MovNat (all levels) skills and training.

* Wim Hof Method

* Accommodation (7 nights, shared rooms)

* 3 healthy meals a day prepared by our local chef


What’s not included:

* Flights

* Transport from and to Airport to Retreat Centre


Q: I’ve never done something like this before, can I still do it?

Yes, our approach is to meet you at your level for both the MovNat training and WimHof. We will adapt the session to everyone’s needs.

Q: Is there an option for warming up afterward?

Yes, there is


Q: What happens if I can’t get past my fears?

No need to worry, we will never push you to do anything. That said, the workshop opens a great possibility to face those fears with whatever small steps you need. Our bodies have ancestral mechanisms to deal with the cold and your body is not an exception!


Q: Can I get a heart attack from the cold?

All the cold exposure is done gradually in a way that you are not put in danger.



Q: Are there any long lasting negative after-effects from the cold like frostbite. 

The cold exposure is too short for it to have long-lasting effect and we always keep an eye on everyone.


Q: What language is the course held in?

All our trainers can speak  German and English. Depending on the participant’s language it will be done either in English or German.


Q: I have food allergies / don’t eat meat etc. Can you provide special food for me?

Yes, please let us know after your booking and we can arrange vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, lactose free, etc…

Meet the Trainers










 Bernd Reicheneder

 MovNat Team Instructor/ Master Trainer











 Andres Santamaria

 Wim Hof Method certified trainer

 MovNat certified trainer L2











 Marbod Kindermann

 Natural Running Coach

 MovNat certified trainer L2


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