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Online Courses

MovNat Online Training Introduction


The perfect start to your natural movement journey!

We have created a 3 week program covering the different aspects of the MovNat tree and the way to train it!

– 3 Weeks with 4 Trainings

– Includes 3 Live Trainings

Wim Hof & MovNat 3 Week Online Training 


This is the perfect follow up to our MovNat Online Training.

You get to introduce breathing practices and cold exposure to your training and we offer you more flexibility in the way you can arrange your workouts

– Individual programming logic

– MovNat basic techniques

– Wim Hof basic techniques

– Supporting files to create your program

– Live Training

Live Trainings

Get to experience MovNat from the comfort of your own home!

Our Live trainings are suitable for all levels of skill and require little to no material.

Join the growing community and enjoy training alongside like-minded people