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Retreats & Adventures


We have moved our products to a new website: 

We moved our products to a different website - Welcome to Neofold Academy!

We have previously rebranded our retreats and online trainings to – Neofold Academy. Visit our new website using the button below or use this link: https://www.neofold-academy.com/

It is still the same people that you know, and we still integrate MovNat training, but we now also offer the combination of Breathing methods and NeuroMeditation and much more. 


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Our Concept

Experience the power of combining MovNat with other awesome disciplines like breathing practices and Neurofeedback meditation!

You will experience the effects of breathing techniques and natural movement on your body and on your mind.

This will open a door to a new way of interacting with your environment and will definitely get you out of your comfort zone!

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