Natural Movement NeuroMeditation Breathing Retreat in Berlin


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What is the Berlin Retreat?

Join us for an amazing weekend!

Located in Berlin next to  a lake, we are having a great retreat over the weekend. It is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills, get new input, and spend time with like-minded people in a beautiful natural landscape.


This retreat is for you, if:

🌱  You want to learn and practice natural movement based on the MovNat system

🏔️  You want to bring your movement skills out of the indoors and enjoy time in nature

🤸🏾‍♂️  You want to improve your movement skills

👹  You want to face your fears and learn how to control your mind in challenging conditions (cold exposure)

🧠  You want to learn and practice meditation and learn the tools to train it

🏔️ If you want to learn breathing methods to improve your health and performance (WimHof and Oxygen Advantage)

What it’s all about:

  • Experience the power of the breath with mind-blowing breathing sessions
  • MovNat training
  • Cold Exposure training followed by Sauna  (Fire & Ice)
  • Feel the powerful combination of Meditation and Neuroscience (NeuroMeditation)
  • Go deeper into the realm of movement the way nature intended it
  • Disconnect. Reflect. Refresh. Grow.

1 day Fundamental Workshop (click to go to the Fundamentals Workshop 1 Day  on the official Wim Hof Method website)


19.08. – 22.08.2021


Spitzmühle Berlin

Spitzmühle it’s an unconventional event hotel directly at the Bötzsee near a forest, approximately an hour away from Berlin.

It has seminar rooms a sauna, jacuzzi and much more

Address: Spitzmühle, 15344 Strausberg


Our program will consist of our unique combination of the natural movement system MovNat, the Breathing Methods, NeuroMediation and Natural Running. A powerful combination that covers fundamental aspects of a Healthy Lifestyle. In the end, the power of each method will accumulate into an understanding of the holistic approach to health and life.

Natural Movement (MovNat)

What is MovNat? MovNat is a physical education system. MovNat will let you explore your body’s innate capability of moving and adapting in and to the environment. We take you back to nature and show you how you need to move to adapt to the natural landscape. We will deepen your knowledge of the different skills such as crawling, balancing, walking, running, hanging, getting up from the ground, rolling. Check the video for more insights:

WimHof Method

The WimHof Method will show you that your body is an amazingly strong and resilient masterpiece of nature. We all carry innate strength in us that we can’t see and explore in today’s lifestyle. We want to show you how capable you are to withstand physical & emotional stress by expanding your comfort zone and give you tools to become the version of yourself you want to be. This information is provided as a guide about the framework of the fundamentals workshop planned as part of the retreat. The video gives you an idea of what to expect:


WHAT IS NEUROMEDITATION? We know that ancient meditation practices have a deep impact on the mind and the body. In the past two decades, scientific studies have been examining the benefits from a neurological perspective! NeuroMeditation®️, you can re-wire your brain by meditating in the style that fits you personally. The NeuroMeditation®️ process creates an individualized approach to enhance your focus, non-judgmental awareness, cultivate pleasant emotions and quality of life by calming the mind. We will cover the basic principles of how your brain works during meditation and discuss how different meditation styles affect different brain regions. We will have guided meditations to teach you the individual styles.

OxygenAdvantage Breathing

This was founded by Patrick McKeown. It focuses on two pillars. The first is functional breathing patterns that teach you how to breathe better in your daily life and the other are breath-hold techniques to simulate altitude training, improve performance and health. The impact better breathing can have on your life is vastly underrated by many.  We will cover elements such as nasal breathing, abdominal breathing and improving the CO2 tolerance.
Meet amazing People!

Rejuvenate by meeting like-minded people, exchange ideas & make friendships for life. We noticed that many of the deep learning experiences come from small unexpected interactions between people, while hiking, or at the dinner table. But do not worry next to socializing you will have the time and space for reflection and integrating the experiences.

What the days will look like

Our days be a combination of “breathing & meditation and a MovNat session, as well as on some days exposure to the cold water, natural running and exploring the nature near the location.

Towards the end of the afternoon, we will hold our “Fire & Ice” session where you can enjoy stretching your comfort zone by dipping into our ice baths. Whirlpools and a sauna are readily available for you to hop into after these cold exposure sessions. A wonderful nutritious dinner and relaxed mingling will complete these perfect days. Then it is time for a well-deserved & soothing night’s sleep!


What’s included:

  • Daily Movement sessions (Focus on MovNat advanced Level 1 and 2 skills)
  • Daily breathing session
  • Daily guided meditation
  • Natural running
  • Exploring the nature near the location
  • Cold exposures (Ice bath) and sauna
  • 3 healthy meals a day
  • Accommodation (3 nights, shared rooms) – There might be options to take a room as a family or friend group together


What’s not included:

Transportation to the location, please contact us to discuss shared rides or shuttle service

Your Trainers

Our team consists of trainers with unique backgrounds and expertise. We share our pation of the combination of different practices and the natural and holistic approach to health.
Marbod Kindermann:

NeuroMeditation Instructor L2 MovNat Certified Trainer L2          Natural Running Coach

I discovered a keen interest in natural lifestyle elements in 2010 with the continued quest to understand what it really means to be healthy for our body, our mind, and our spirit.

Even though I hold a degree in mechanical engineering, over the past decade I have delved into passions such as nutrition, breathwork, biohacking, and stress management. On my journey to cope with my corporate stress I discovered the power of meditation and dug deeper into the brain science behind it, now helping others as a NeuroMeditation Instructor to find a meditation practice that fits their needs

Andres Santamaria:

Wim Hof Instructor and MovNat Certified Trainer L2

I have always had an interest in learning more about what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. When I first started to experience panic attacks and anxiety 8 years ago I completely re-designed my life searching for balance. I first entered the realm of breathing practices training to become a Wim Hof instructor, together with my movement training, learning MovNat, and working Online with Jon Yuen and Ido Portal’s team I have been able to mix both disciplines to heal my body from 10 years of a corporate lifestyle.  I keep on learning and deepening my knowledge so I can help others on their journeys.

Daniel Ruppert:

WimHof Instructor L2, Soma Breath Instructor, Breathology, MovNat Trainer L1

I have been practicing Asian Martial Arts for over 15 years and I have travelled the world to seek out different forms of improving mind and body. When I was challenged with burnout I came across the WimHof Method. To me the power of this method is unbelievable, I have developed my skills around breathwork and have guided many people since then through WimHof workshops, and breathwork sessions.


1: I’ve never done something like this before, can I still do it?

Yes, you can! Exposing yourself to the cold and daily movement requires a willingness to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. If you have already understood that lifestyle has a huge impact on health, then you probably also already have a movement practice of your own and this retreat is for you. As long as you have the motivation to go deeper you will enjoy and grow.


Q2: Is there an option for warming up afterwards?

Yes, there is and we have some fun exercises to keep you warm.


Q3: What happens if I can’t get past my fears?

No need to worry, we will never push you to do anything. That said, the workshop opens a great possibility to face those fears with whatever small steps you need. Our bodies have ancestral mechanisms to deal with the cold and your body is not an exception!


Q4: Can I get a heart attack from the cold?

All the cold exposure is done gradually in a way that you are not put in danger.


Q5: Are there any long-lasting negative after-effects from the cold like frostbite. 

The cold exposure is too short for it to have a long-lasting effect and we always keep an eye on everyone.


Q6: What language is the course held in?

All our trainers can speak  German and English. Depending on the participant’s language it will be done either in English or German or both.


Q7: I have food allergies / don’t eat meat etc. Can you provide special food for me?

Yes, please let us know after your booking and we can arrange vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, etc…

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