MovNat München Retreat Mallorca

Finca Es Cabas, Oct. 26 – Nov. 02 2019

Do you need a break from work and the day to day routine?

Have you been wanting to learn natural practices but haven’t found the time to do so?

8 days in Mallorca on the beautiful Finca es Cabas is your chance to get both things in one go!

Why 8 days? Applying MovNat, Wim Hof, Nutritious Movement, and Trail running every day is surely going to truly help you disconnect and see an improvement in both your physical as well as your mental states. You won’t be thinking about work, we guarantee that…

Why Mallorca? We have the perfect location to both practice the fundamentals as well as getting some well-deserved rest! The Island also offers beautiful natural landscapes where we are going to apply everything we learn, straight to real-world applicability.

You are probably wondering what’s in the program, right?


Train what matters, natural movement will not only train your body in an efficient way but it also has maximal real-world applicabiliy. Let nature Shape you!

Wim Hof Method

Open up the door to your own physiology, learn to control your mind and step out of your comfort zone. Faster recovery, stronger more resilient body, stress management… Breathe Motherf@#!%!

Nutritious Movement

Align your body, strip away compensation patterns, discover unconscious tension and learn how to integrate movement in your everyday life! 

Natural Running

Learn how to run naturally, enjoy the feeling and get rid of injuries with a style that develops your feet’s true potential and uses your biomechanics to your advantage. Run like a human!

Who is going to join you on the trainer team?


Bernd Reicheneder

MovNat Team Instructor/ Master Trainer


Rebecca Lewis

Efficient Running and Movement Coach


Andres Santamaria

Wim Hof Method certified trainer

MovNat certified trainer L2




Mina van Brunschot Nutritious Movement Move Your DNA Instructor



Marbod Kindermann

MovNat Certified Trainer L2

What’s included?

– MovNat (all levels) skills and training

– Wim Hof Method

– Barefoot/ Efficient Running 

– MovNat Aquatics & Combatives

– Workshops by our Nutritious Movement Move Your DNA Instructor

– Multiple sessions daily at the property of. the Finca, the beautiful Barefoot Mallorca Location, and the surrounding nature

– 5 trainers for a maximum of 17 participants

– Accommodation at the magnificent Finca es Cabas

– 3 healthy meals a day prepared by our local chef

– Transport from the airport/ transport on site

What about the location?


Finca Es Cabas is a traditional Mallorquin Finca at the steps of sierra Tramuntana. A beautiful peaceful place where we will be doing our daily meditation rounds as well as our aquatics program and evening program.

In the Barefoot Mallorca location, we will be practicing all our MovNat skills and barefoot running. We even have a Sauna

As to the nature immersion aspect, we have planned a couple of excursions where we will be applying all the techniques directly in nature!

Barefoot Mallorca

Finca Es Cabas

Sounds Awesome, where can I book?

Do you need more information, have questions or need some flexibility?


Don’t worry, just write us a quick message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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